Boston Marathon 2012 Results: Wakefield

Check out how all the runners from Wakefield did in the 2012 Boston Marathon.

See the chart below for the official Boston Marathon results for the 20+ runners from Wakefield. More results will be posted as they come in. All results are "net" results, which are tracked by a chip on the runner and measure from the time the start line is crossed to the time the finish line is crossed.

Do you have a photo of yourself or a family member running this year's marathon? Upload it to the article! Just click "Upload Photos and Videos" under the photo.

Runner Name Net Time Michael Mondello 03:55:37 Vincent Sylvia 04:08:08 Suzanne Capella 04:15:14 Patrick Glynn 04:23:39 Jennifer Desimone 04:27:09 Cristina Winsor 04:30:15 Stacy Suntken 04:30:52 Angela Rogers 04:44:20 Matthieu Gagne 04:59:19 Richard Corapi 05:22:10
Kimberly Cummings 06:03:43 Teresa O'Brien 06:07:38 Laura Galopim 06:16:20 Jack Raycroft 06:32:30 Christopher Naper 06:48:08
John Bengtson April 17, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Considering the heat, great job by everyone!


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