School Committee, State Rep. Paul Brodeur, Honor Retiring Employees

State Rep. Paul Brodeur attended Tuesday night's School Committee meeting to honor Finance Committee member Al Palmerino and the 12 retiring faculty members from the Wakefield Public School system.

The Wakefield School Committee honored the retiring faculty of the Wakefield Public School System at Tuesday’s meeting, which was also attended by state representative Paul Brodeur.

Brodeur was present to thank the faculty on behalf of the state for their dedication to the educational system and for contributing the collective educational well being of so many students over the years.

“You should all be extraordinarily proud of yourselves on the careers that you’ve had and the impact you’ve had on the community,” Brodeur said. “There’s 344 years, if I did the math right, of service to the Wakefield community between all of you, that’s really a remarkable thing, so on behalf of the state government I just want to thank you for all you’ve done for this great town.”

The retiring faculty who were honored were Jeanne Blois, Joan Guidi, Mary Sullivan, Betsy DeFeo, Suellen Haladay, Marianne Herlihy, Ron Cromwell, Jack Eames, Barbara Gonnella, Sheila Chapman, Debra Fitzpatrick and Barbara McSheehy. Each were presented by Superintendent Joan Landers, who said a few words about their accomplishments in the school system and the level of professionalism each of them brought.

Also honored was Al Palmerino of the Wakefield Finance Committee for his 30 years of dedicated service to the town of Wakefield and its schools.

“This honor is bestowed upon Al Palmerino for his commitment to the Wakefield School Department for the past 30 years,” said Landers. “Through his professionalism, compassion and innate ability to make fiscally sound decisions while maintaining the integrity of the educational system, he has left a footprint on education for the children of Wakefield.”


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