Wincrest, Bear Hill Golf Club Reach Agreement on Drainage Issue [PHOTOS]

Both sides reached a preliminary agreement during the Stoneham Board of Selectmen meeting Tuesday night.

After cited erosion and drainage issues on their property as a result of work being done at the Wincrest development site, both parties reached a preliminary agreement to remedy the situation during the Stoneham Board of Selectmen's session Tuesday.

Since work started at the Wincrest site, Bear Hill reported an erosion issue near the walking bridge of the seventh hole at the golf course. Due to the drainage problems, a pond in the area has been muddied and silt issues have cropped up at the golf course. 

In the spring of 2011, Wincrest, a New Hampshire-based developer, received approval from the Stoneham Planning Board to construct a 47-lot subdivision at the former Our Lady of Nazareth Academy site. The nearly 20-acre site sits on about 11 acres in Stoneham and nine in Wakefield.

With closings slated for next week, the developer appeared before the Selectmen Tuesday with the intention of getting them to sign off on the project; however, the Selectmen delayed their vote to approve signing any documents until later in the evening once both sides had reached an amicable solution.

And, around 9 p.m., Bear Hill announced during the session that both sides had reached a preliminary agreement.

"Wincrest will make sure there is constant and adequate filtering of the water runoff on the part of Wincrest," said Frank Scannell, who oversees functions at Bear Hill. "Wincrest is going to hire an engineer to address the silt issue that formed at the pond property at Bear Hill. A sample will be taken at the pond after the construction season to see if the pond should be dredged or if there should be some other remedial step taken.

"...We're going to investigate a filter for the pond at the point where Bear Hill draws in" to Wincrest, added Scannell.

While addressing the board, Scannell asked that $150,000 of the $360,000 town's subdivision bond be held until the end of the project, when there is no silt infiltrating the area. 

Bear Hill and Wincrest are expected to meet at the site Friday morning to work out the details of the preliminary draft agreement. 

The Selectmen approved signing the declaration of trust with Wincrest Homeowner's Association.


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