Who Won The Presidential Debate?

What do you think about Round 2 in the presidential debate series?

The second Presidential debate Tuesday night featured lively and often confrontational exchanges between President Obama and Mitt Romney, as the two sparred over jobs, energy policy and taxes.

In front of an audience of about 80 at Hofstra University in Nassau County, Obama questioned Romney's truthfulness and pressed him on the details of his economic plan, which the president called "sketchy."

Romney said that Obama's policies have forced jobs overseas and put a squeeze on middle class families.

Romney has seen a bump in poll numbers since the two faced off two weeks ago. Obama's performance in their first debate was widely panned as lackluster.

Tell us who you think performed better in Tuesday's debate.

MHH101 October 17, 2012 at 01:06 PM
On points, clearly Obama. The fright wingers are in full-scale denial mode today, even as the consensus of the press and the public is that Romney was beaten last night. By almost every measure, Obama rocked. Even if you are a died in the wool republican, Romeny's insistence that 'we cannot afford another four years of Obama" is not an economic strtagey. He is simply offering a silver bullet--cut all taxes and we all win. That is Bush-redux. The Bush tax cuts have been around 13 years now. Where is the economy? Where are the jobs? How much longer should this country borrow money from China to give the rich their tax cuts? And why the hell did he not say what his 5 point plan is? Seems to me Romney is so fearful of taking a firm stand and offending any voter, he refuses to state anything definitive. I do not think his ability to deal with the bigger issues of our day is encouraging, nor am i confident he will do what he says--I do not think he is trustworthy--figuring out his positions is like nailing jello to a wall.
kathleen October 17, 2012 at 04:15 PM
There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance and last night Romney crossed it. I am an independent voter and was horrified by Romney's behavior. From the start, he bullied the moderator and showed incredible disrespect and condescension to the PRESIDENT of the United States with comments like "...you'll get your chance in a moment..." "...let me give you some advice..." Didn't his mother ever tell him manners matter? His behavior was certainly NOT presidential. i do want more specifics from both gentlemen, but after last night I have to ask, how can Romney go out in the world and represent us, if he shows a basic lack of understanding of the skills necessary to interact with other people, especially people he doesn't agree with? i don't want some macho bully representing me. That's how wars are started. Is it too naive to ask that we dial down the hostility on both sides and have a more meaningful discussion about what each side would actually do. The American people are entitled to that.
Betty Dew October 17, 2012 at 08:45 PM
Obama was ON. Romney was rude and condescending (as Kathleen said, there is a difference between confidence and arrogance,) to the President and to the moderator.
Sharon Thibodeau October 17, 2012 at 11:01 PM
Romney did give his 5 point plan in the first debate and referenced it several times last night. As far as rudeness, I think that bar was set by Joe Biden last week. Or as one psychologist said "early signs of dementia". He was an embaressment to the country. It seemed last night that both Obama and Romney were simply following in the example Biden had set. No winner, a draw. And hopefully next week's final debate will distance itself from all of that and be a real debate/discussion. The town hall format wasn't particularly helpful either.


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