Wakefield DPW Offers Recycling Tips

Post-holiday time is a good time to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The following recycling tips were provided by the Wakefield Department of Public Works:

– The holidays are over and life should be getting back to a less frantic and hectic pace.

For many of us, this also means that the decorations and gift bags/boxes are finally being put away, the new toys are in need of a place to be stored when not in use, and the foam packaging that came with the gifts we bought will probably end up in landfills since they can’t be recycled at curbside.

            That’s why this is a great time of year to increase your efforts to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE, according to Wakefield Department of Public Works Director Richard Stinson.

            “The amount of trash we generate and the things we accumulate during the holidays and special occasions can sometimes be overwhelming,” Stinson said. “With just a little effort, we can actually reduce the trash we send to landfills and clean up some of the clutter in our homes.”

            “Even though the following tips are especially relevant before, during and after the holidays, they’re ones that you can follow throughout the year with little effort. And that includes Valentine’s Day and birthdays, too.”

  • Recycle packaging peanuts. Did you know that clean foam-packaging peanuts of all sizes, shapes, and colors can be reused? For information on where to bring your packing peanuts, visit www.loosefillpackaging.com.
  • Donate old toys, clothes or unwanted gifts. To make room for the new items you received during the holidays, look around to see what clothes, toys and electronics you no longer use and donate them to local charities.
  • Reuse wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tissue paper, etc. Also, save gift bags and boxes and reuse them throughout the year. Those you can't reuse, recycle.
  • Recycle holiday and birthday greeting cards. Rather than throwing away greeting cards, save them and use them as gift tags next year. They can also be used for children's art projects.

And, for those who didn’t make – or didn’t keep - a New Year’s resolution, it’s never too late to start one:

  • Buy a reusable water bottle and try to use it every day. Try not to use, or buy one-time-use plastic bottles.
  • Buy and use a travel tea/coffee mug. If you buy a coffee everyday without using a travel mug, you’ll be keeping more than 350 paper/Styrofoam cups out of the landfill each year.
  • Don’t use plastic tableware and napkins, and if you’re ordering take-out or home-delivery ask that they don’t include utensils or napkins.


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