State Aid to Wakefield Down $100K in Governor's 2013 Budget

Wakefield's aid is projected to be cut by $49k, and taxes will increase by $52k, an 100k swing in the wrong direction.

Wakefield will receive about $100K less in total state funding less for Fiscal Year 2013 than it received in Fiscal Year 2012, and assessments against the town will be higher - although unrestricted government aid and Chapter 70 are projected to be level funded, according to the latest estimate filed by Gov. Deval Patrick.

The estimate by the Governor's office is just the first part of the yearly budget process, and is not final. The Senate and the House will also release budgets, and the final budget must still be approved by the state legislature before coming into effect.

School Funding Level
Despite the overall cut in state aid, the state allocated level funding for public education in Wakefield. Chapter 70 funding will stay at $4.79 million, according to the latest numbers. However, charter school tuition reimbursement has been decreased by $47,606 and funds for school lunches have decreased by $98. School transportation also remains level-funded from last year.

Funding Cuts and Assessments
In the wake of last year's cut in general government aid to the town, it's good news that funding to Wakefield for unrestricted government aid is projected to remain level for Fiscal Year 2013, at $2,643,470.

Wakefield will also receive $11,714 more this year for veteran's benefits.

However, some other areas of funding will be cut, including $9,877 in exemptions for veterans, the blind, surviving spouses, and elderly, and $322 for public libraries.

In addition to the overall $46,192 cut in funding to Wakefield, the state also increased assessments on the town by $52,473. The two largest increases are a $38,644 charge for Essex County Tech Sending Tuition and a $20,549 charge for the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA). 

Taking into account funding totals and total assessments Wakefield will receive a net of approximately $6.36 million in FY2013, down from $6.46 million in FY2012.

Kimberly Bova McDonald January 26, 2012 at 07:41 PM
I hope they don't increase the MBTA charge then not just limit services but cut both bus lines and severely cut rail service too.


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