Selectman Doto Running for Middlesex South Register of Deeds

Wakefield resident and Selectmen Tiziano Doto has announced his candidacy for the Middlesex South Register of Deeds.

Wakefield resident and Selectmen Tiziano Doto announced his candidacy for the South Middlesex Register of Deeds on Wednesday night, pledging to a group of friends and supporters that if elected, he will "get a specific agenda accomplished."

"I am running because my own experience with the Registrar's office has made it very clear that a lot needs to be and can be done to make it run better," he said.

Doto, a lawyer by profession, has practiced law in Somerville and Stoneham since 1993 specializing in commercial and residential real estate and title transaction. He is also an elected member of the Wakefield Board of Selectman, and has served on the Wakefield Zoning Board of Appeals and has Chaired the Collective Bargaining Committee. Additionally, he is a licensed real estate broker.

If elected, Doto said his first priorty would be to conduct a complete audit of the office's budget and personnel to remove redundancies and wasteful spending. Other objectives include removing "favoritism," from the office, and make the registry website more efficient and user-friendly and speed up electronic deeds recording.

"I am not interested in a political career or lifelong position," he said. " I just want to do a specific job and make some positive changes... I intend to do whatever it takes to make our Southern Middlesex Registry the most efficient and effective in the state.”

Doto faces opposition from two other candidates: Maryann Heuston, an alderman in Somerville, and Maria Curtatone an attorney and small business owner in Somerville. The position is currently held by Eugene C. Brune, who has decided not to run in 2012.


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