Richard Tisei Announces Run for Congress, Pledges to "Turn Things Around"

Former Sen. Richard Tisei announced his candidacy for the 2012 U.S. Congress elections on Nov. 15 in Wakefield.

Former State Senator announced on Tuesday morning he , pledging to offer voters a choice against Democratic incumbent John Tierney (D-Salem) in 2012, and a commitment to "turn the country around."

Calling Rep. Tierney "one of the most ideological left-wing members" who has become part of the "great divide" in Washington, Tisei said Tierney's stance on raising taxes, increasing government spending, and creating more regulations for small businesses doesn't accurately represent the people of the 6th District.

"This district needs an independent-minded Congressman," Tisei said during his announcement to run for office at the in Wakefield, his hometown. "The people are independent-minded. I'll be that Congressman - I'll be your Congressman."

Tisei said that unless the government can turn around the country's unemployment, foreclosure and debt problems, the country is headed for fiscal and economic disaster.

"These problems didn't originate here on Main Street," he said. "These problems were created in Washington D.C., where our government has become too big, disconnected from people, and every day becomes more and more dysfuctional. And as a result, we have a government that stands in the way of people rather than serving the people."

Tisei said his vision for the country is almost the complete opposite of Rep. Tierney's, listing his priorities as keeping taxes low, ending excessive government spending, keeping small business owners free from regulations to allow for innovation and create jobs, and doing everything else he can to get the country back on the right track.

"Without a doubt, this election will be the most important in our lifetime," he said.

Tisei's first step, however, is to take on Bill Hudak for the Republican nomination. Hudak ran against Rep. Tierney in the last election and has already announced he is running again in 2012.


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