Poll Results: Town Meeting Predictions

Last week we asked you what you thought about the upcoming town meeting. Here are the results.

Most Wakefield residents believe more than 400 people will attend the May 14th Town Meeting, that the meeting will go for two days, and that the town will vote to build a new Galvin Middle School,

Out of about nearly half (45 percent) voted that town meeting would run two days this year and that more than 400 people would attend (47 percent). 

More than two-thirds of voters (82 percent) believed the issue that would take the most amount of time to decide would be whether or not to build a new Galvin Middle School, but 85 percent also believed the measure would pass.

The majority of voters also predicted that the town would vote to allow (93 percent) would (64 percent) would approve a for the (72 percent) and would approve a for Wakefield police officers (55 percent).

There's only one step left: To attend tonight's town meeting and find out what actually happens. Stay with Wakefield Patch for coverage both on Monday night and first thing on Tuesday morning.


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