One Stop Election Info: School Committee Candidates

Find out what you need to know about each candidate to make a decision for the April 24th town elections.

The 2012 Wakefield Town Elections take place on April 24, 2012. Do you know who you're voting for yet?

If you haven't decided yet, here's a useful roundup of information about each of the three candidates in the School Committee race, listed in alphabetical order by last name: John Bengtson, Janine Cook, Kate Morgan. Click each link below to find out more.

But first, read a , or read the questions in our election candidates Q&A series:


John Bengtson
 "I can promise to conduct myself professionally and will respect and welcome the ideas of others. I will act strategically and in line with the interests of the entire Wakefield community. Today we stand at a pivotal crossroad, and we will stand to gain substanially by investing in our schools. I look forward to the hard work and challenges ahead and I respectfully ask for 1 of your 2 votes for Wakefield School Committee on Tuesday, April 24th." - John Bengtson, from Announcement of Candidacy.

Official campaign website: Facebook: Bengtson for School Committee

Letters to the editor:

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Janine Cook:
"Over the past twelve years I have been actively involved in all aspects of the school system, from chairing the Special Education Parent Advisory Council for 12 years, serving on the Dolbeare school council, Arts and Enrichment coordinator at the Dolbeare and have served on several search committees. With both my children attending college in September, the time is right for me to give back to the school system to ensure that others receive the same quality education that my children received.  I have the time to fully devote myself to serving the community." - Janine Cook, from: Q&A: Why Are You Running for School Committee?

Official campaign website: None

Letters to the editor:

Kate Morgan:

From: "“I am thrilled to be running for school committee and becoming even more involved in our town,” said Kate Morgan. “I have enjoyed campaigning, meeting new people and reconnecting with others. I am confident I know the issues that are affecting this town and our schools and I want to be a part of solving them so there will be a bright future for each and every student who comes through Wakefield schools." - Kate Morgan, from .

Campaign announcement: Announcement of Candidacy
Official website: Facebook - Kate Morgan for School Committee

Letters to the editor:


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