One Stop Election Info: Selectmen Candidates

A roundup of useful information to help you make up your mind for the April 24th, 2012 Wakefield Town Elections.

The 2012 Wakefield Town Elections take place on April 24, 2012. Do you know who you're voting for yet?

If you haven't decided yet, here's a useful roundup of information about each of the five candidates in the Board of Selectmen race, listed in alphabetical order by last name: Paul DiNocco, Brian Falvey, Phyllis Hull, Greg Liakos and Phillip Renzullo. Click each link below to find out more.

But first, read a , or read the questions in our election candidates Q&A series:


Paul DiNocco
"I would appreciate one of your votes on April 24th to return me to the Board of Selectmen for another three years so I may continue working with my fellow residents and board members on the common goal of Wakefield moving into the future, based on the high standards we all deserve.” - Paul DiNocco, from .

Campaign announcement:
Official campaign website: http://www.pauldinocco.com/

Letters to the editor:

Brian Falvey:
"I have been serving the town of Wakefield for a decade as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, as well as through several other civic and charitable contributions. Now, I want to further my service by seeking election to our Board of Selectmen. I hope to bring a new voice and a fresh perspective to the table." - Brian Falvey, from official website.

Campaign announcement:
Official campaign website: http://www.brianfalvey.com/

Letters to the editor:

Phyllis Hull:
"My record over the years speaks for itself. My reason for running is simple. I want to continue to serve the community and be a voice for the people." - Phyllis Hull, from

Letters to the editor:

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Greg Liakos:
“As Selectman, I will apply my passion for public service and experiences to the stewardship of these community assets so that they are there for our children and grandchildren. I will work to ensure that Wakefield is a healthy, thriving community through the next decade and beyond." - Greg Liakos, from official website.

Campaign announcement:
Official campaign website: http://www.gregliakos.com/

Letters to the editor:

Phillip Renzullo:
"I am running for Selectman and ask for your vote because I think the priorities of the taxpayers in town are not being represented. I think about how I make spending decisions at home, the administration makes decisions to spend our money in a ways I would never make at home." - Phillip Renzullo, from

Letters to the editor:

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mike t April 25, 2012 at 11:26 PM
Another fixed election to keep Phyliss Hull out of office. Whenever there is a true voice for the people they are kept from political office in Wakefield. This town is a scam. Phyliss was first to run and all of a sudden there are people coming out of the woodwork to keep her out of office... Wake up people of Wakefield. This town is bleeding you dry and lying to you all. The Galvin can be renovated and it won't cost $70 million dollars. I wonder how the WHS accreditation will pan out.. How much you want to bet the town government will cry that a total replacement of the WHS will be needed to comply. Teach our children to be green... RENOVATE DON'T OBLITERATE THE GALVIN!!!!!!!


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