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MBTA Proposes 23 Percent Fare Hike

No cuts were made to Wakefield's two bus routes and no changes were made to the Haverhill commuter rail line, but commuter rail, subway and bus prices will go up under the proposal.

A new plan calls for MBTA fares to rise 23 percent and four bus routes to be cut  to close the MBTA's projected $161 million budget gap, according to an MBTA press release.

Fourteen other bus routes would be modified under the proposal, according to the MBTA. Although Wakefield's 136 and 137 bus routes were in the original proposal for service cuts, as of the latest proposal, no changes have been proposed to the routes. No changes are also planned for the Haverhill commuter rail line.

If approved, the changes would begin on July 1. Bus fares would rise to $1.50 from $1.25 and a subway ride would jump to $2 from $1.70. Monthly passes would rise from $59 to $70. Commuter rail prices from Wakefield station would go up from $4.75 to $6 per ride, a $1.25 or 26.3 percent.

For students and seniors, bus fares will rise to 75 cents and subway rides will jump to $1. Also, the MBTA would start offering a 7-day student pass for $28.

No changes would be made for THE RIDE services, but fares would rise to $4 or $5, depending on where you live and how far you would travel.

The proposal includes $61 million in one-time revenues from the state in 2013, which will be unavailable for use in future years, according to the press release.

Weekend commuter rail service will remain on most lines, however, weekend service on the Plymouth-Kingston, Needham and Greenbush lines would would be eliminated.

Members MBTA staff will present the solution to the MBTA's board for its approval April 4th, the press release said. The changes would be effective July 1, the release said.

Read the PDF to the right to see proposed bus route eliminations/reductions (file courtesy of MBTA).


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