MarketStreet To Include Community Space, Cable Studio

The Al Merritt Media and Cultural Center is expected to open in September at MarketStreet at Lynnfield.

The planned community space at MarketStreet at Lynnfield will be named after former Selectman Al Merritt, who resigned on December 31st for health reasons. The project is located just off Route 128, right on the line with Wakefield.

Lynnfield selectmen approved the proposal Monday night to name the forthcoming facility “The Al Merritt Media And Cultural Center.”  The center, which also be the new home of Lynnfield's cable access TV studio will be on the second floor of the building to be known as 600 Market Street. The management office for National Development is also expected to be on that floor as well. Earlier in the Monday night meeting, selectmen got some additional updates on the future community space at MarketStreet from Deanne Healey, chair of the town’s cable access advisory committee.

According to Healey, the new space is expected to open in September, although it remains to be seen if all of the planned local access TV and other equipment will be completely available at that point. The total cost of the 3,797 square foot facility would be just over $200,000. Town officials confirmed after the meeting that the cost would be covered by the town's existing cable access funds.

Ted Caswell of National Development also reported at the meeting that the company would be donating a "warm shell" structure for the center, essentially meaning it will come equipped with heating, lighting, carpets, ceilings and other such items, allowing considerable savings in the process.

Right now, about 15 buildings are under construction at the MarketStreet at Lynnfield site. The steel to be used in building 600 Market Street will reportedly arrive in about 5 weeks, followed by about 4 more weeks of construction.

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