Kerry to Gordon Students: Christians Should Support Universal Health Care

U.S. Sen. John Kerry made the inaugural address at the Richard L. Gross Distinguished Lecture Series at Gordon College in Wenham on Monday.

U.S. Sen. John Kerry, just off the airplane from a meeting with Muslim leaders in Dubai, told the students at on Monday that there is more in all religions worldwide that unites rather than divides people of faith.

Kerry, a Democrat, said there are lots of pitfalls to debating faith issues during a presidential year, in a direct reference to the conservative Christian agenda that has dominated the last few Republican presidential primaries.

“The more I learn, the more I know that all religions live by universal values,” Kerry told students who packed the A.J. Gordon Memorial Chapel at the Christian college.

But that does not play well on television or in debates, he said.
Kerry, who lived for several years as a child in Hamilton and Ipswich, was invited to deliver the inaugural address at the college's Richard F. Gross Distinguished Lecture Series.

“I've always wanted to deliver an inaugural address,” the former Democratic nominee for President joked.

Speaking to the students of a college that declares it is a community where “faith in Christ matters,” the four-term senator said he believes that his career and his legislative agenda has been shaped by his Catholic upbringing.

He said the world faces problems of Biblical proportion. Among the most important issue is bringing the world's populations out of poverty. One of out every 16 verses in the Bible, he said, deals with caring for the poor. Yet too many Christians forget that helping the poor was such an important focus of Jesus' message, he said.

He said Christians should be very concerned about environmental abuses. Speaking on a warm afternoon one day before the end of winter, he said there is no question that the Earth is suffering from global warming.

He also said Christians should support universal health care.

“Jesus did not help just the sick who could afford to pay for it,” he said.

'Faith Not Worth Killing For'

Kerry, the decorated Navy veteran who opposed the Vietnam War, quoted St. Augustine in saying that war should never be waged except as a last resort and then with restraint.

“Faith may be worth dying for, but it is not worth killing for,” he said.

He reminded the students that the principal tenet of Christianity is to love their neighbor.

“We are more than the sum of our differences. We have an obligation to treat one another with respect,” he said.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said he is hopeful that social media and globalization is forcing tyrannical leaders in many countries to be more accountable. He said he is pleased with the Arab Awakening.

“The days of the despots are numbered,” he said.

He answered several questions sent via Twitter from the audience. Some dealt with foreign issues. Another asked which team he thought would win the NCAA basketball tournament. He predicted that the University of Kentucky would win.

He got his only spontaneous applause from the students when asked about his stance on abortion. He said he believes that life begins at conception, but does not think that anyone has the right to tell a woman she cannot have an abortion.

He said it is clear from medical records that the number of abortions rises when the government tries to suppress them or withdraws financial support for abortion and education about abortions.

When asked for his advice to the students, he urged them to “ask a lot of questions, listen and trust your gut.”

George Walden March 21, 2012 at 09:38 PM
John Kerry is a fraud, a coward, a traitor, and a lying stooge! When I was New Hampshire team leader for Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry vets would see the VVAJK stickers on my truck and practically chase me down the street to get a bumper sticker for themselves. These were quiet, stand-up guys who hadn't let out a peep since they got back from 'Nam, but they knew what a fraud he was and wanted America to know what a poseur he was. Three Purple Hearts for three bandaid boo-boos and a "get out of 'Nam" card after 4-1/2 months... get real, slimebag! He is about as much a war hero as he is a Catholic! Gigolo John doesn't mind big government destroying America's health care system, he has Mama T's money. John Kerry never married a woman worth less than 300 Million!
Bill Bowler March 22, 2012 at 02:16 PM
I have no brief for John Kerry or his politics, but your comments on his bona fides as a veteran are ridiculous. Who made you the arbiter of who is a "good veteran" and who a "bad veteran"? He served, volunteered in fact; he went where his superiors sent him and he fought. Yet in your universe because he didn't suffer grievous injury or better yet get killed, he's a fraud & poseur. One thing's for certain, his war record compares quite favorably with Dick Cheney's. There are many important issues facing our country and John Kerry is on the wrong side of most of them, but your pathetic, libelous comments do nothing to further the debate.
RP McMurphy March 22, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Of course Bill B is right, and while I may think that Sen. Kerry is right about most of the issues facing the country today, that's beside the point when faced with the venom spewed forth from the NH nutjob George. Here's a little reminder for George and the rest of the holier than thou bunch crowding around : He who is without sin, cast the first stone.
michael turner April 29, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Well Kerry here is what Jesus and his followers did they put their money in the pot to help the poor. So tell me what benefit do the poor get from the millions your sitting on.Find the money pot and put it in,you have, it give it.
Kevin Knobloch July 16, 2012 at 01:33 PM
You are so right! All the liberals think because they support the government welfare, that is enough. They pass the buck and think if you don't support the welfare state you are cold and careless. But, it's libertarians who give the most, because they are giving freely.


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