How the South End Voted in 2012

The South End came out in large numbers for Obama and Warren.

According to unofficial results released by the city of Boston on Wednesday, voters in the South End came out strong for Obama and Warren, and supported all three ballot questions.

Out of the South End wards and precincts (Ward 4, 1-4, Ward 5, Pct. 1, Ward 8 Pct. 1 and Ward 9 Pct 1), 81.15 percent of voters supported president Barack Obama and 16.19 percent of voters supported Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Green-Rainbow party candidate Jill Stein netted .64 percent of the vote and Libertarian candidate Governor Gary Johnson recieved .74 percent of the vote. 

In the U.S. Senate race, the South End broke firmly for consumer advocate and democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. Warren won 78.76 percent of the vote, with incumbent Senator Scott Brown netting just 22.27 percent of the vote. 

Although not the final results in the rest of Massachusetts, South End residents voted to pass all three ballot questions.

For question 1, known as "Right to Repair," 86.42 percent of South End residents voted yes, with 13.58 percent voting no. Support for the question was extremely high in Ward 4, Precinct 1, with 89 percent of voters there supporting the measure.

Question 2, known as "Assisted Suicide" did not pass in Massachusetts, although if it had been up to South End residents, it would have. "Yes" votes totaled 60.69 percent, while 34.89 percent of residents voted "No." Interestingly, the measure failed in two precincts. Ward 8, Precinct 1 and Ward 9, Precinct 2 both had "No" votes at more than 50 percent. 

On Question 3, the legalization of medical marijuana, South End residents overwhelmingly supported the measure, with 74.69 percent voting "Yes." Just 25.30 percent of South End residents voted no on question 3. 

You can see the full breakdown of ward and precinct results from the South End here. You can also see how Boston as a whole voted, and how Massachusetts voted. 

Sara Jacobi November 08, 2012 at 03:03 PM
JR, I didn't use that precinct because it's not technically listed as a "South End" precinct: (http://www.cityofboston.gov/Images_Documents/Boston%20Neighborhoods%20by%20Wards%20and%20Precincts_tcm3-23811.pdf) However, here are the numbers for that ward/precinct: Obama - 81.98% Romney - 16.79% Stein - .29% Johnson - .78% Brown - 25.85% Warren - 74.14% Q1, Yes: 88.22%, No: 11.78% Q2, Yes: 69.78%, No: 30.22% Q3, Yes: 81.85%, No: 18.15%
Jean Lucey November 08, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Thanks for the update, Sara. The redistricting had (has) me confused. Jean Lucey
JMc November 08, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Actually, looking things up www.suffolkdeeds.com/Ward.pdf all of W3P7 is in the south end. W3P8 is partial south end (future ink block) and mostly chinatown, so the city PDF you quoted is incorrect. Look at the map, there are many precincts that are half south end, half something else, which will always make "how we voted" a little challenging. W3P7 is all of eight streets, and half of old dover
Sara Jacobi November 08, 2012 at 07:56 PM
OK, I looked up another map here: http://www.sec.state.ma.us/wdivmapping/wheredoivotemapping.aspx?ctcd=35&wno=3&pno=7&cdist=8&sdist=52&rdist=186&cnm=SUFFOLK It does appear that all of Ward 3 Pct. 7 is in the South End, so I am confused why the City of Boston has it listed as not a part of the South End. To compromise: I will include that precinct in my next round of election coverage. But I'm not going to re-do the averages, etc. in this article. Please just refer to the stats I posted in my previous comment, and sorry to everyone in Ward 3 Pct. 7 who has been offended by being left out. I promise you it wasn't intention on my part - just following the guidelines the city sent out.
JMc November 09, 2012 at 01:08 PM
No prob at all. It'll all change with redistricting next year anyways :)


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