DPW Director: Weather Conditions Contributing to Potholes

Freeze/thaw effect mixed with plenty of precipitation contributing to more potholes than usual this winter.

Patch.com stock photo
Patch.com stock photo
Many local residents have suspected that the potholes are worse than usual this winter, and they're apparently right.

Wakefield DPW Director Richard Stinson told Wakefield Patch in a Tuesday phone conversation that recent weather patterns have exacerbated with a combination of a freeze/thaw effect mixed with plenty of rain and snow. 

Stinson said the Wakefield DPW crews have been out patching up potholes throughout town, with a particular focus on the main roads - and that work will continue into the spring and beyond if necessary. 

Residents who have a pothole on their street can call the DPW office at 781-246-6301 to report it. 


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