Did Your Voter Precinct Change?

With both town, state, and national elections coming up in 2012, make sure you know where to vote.

Due to the information on population collected by the 2010 census, several changes have been make to Wakefield voter precincts and polling places as of January 2012. 

If your residence is one that was affected by the change, you will be receiving a postcard in the mail notifying you of this change, said Town Clerk Mary Galvin in an announcement. 

Affected voters are those who live on: Montrose Avenue, Orisni Drive, Roosevelt Road, Rosemary Avenue, Water Street, Greenwood Avenue, Oak Street, Pine Street, Greenwood Street, Pitman Avenue, Warren Avenue, Evergreen Street, Forest Street, Hawthorne Street, Laurel Street, Linden Avenue, Meriam Street, Robert Street, Albion Street, Richardson Avenue, West Water Street, Cedar Street, Pleasant Street, and Main Street.

For the full list of voter precinct changes, see the full list here.

Polling places:


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