Brodeur Taking Measured Approach To Patrick Budget Plan

Wakefield Democratic State Rep. credits governor for an ambitious and progressive approach, but is wary of the effect on the middle class.

Earlier this week, Governor Deval Patrick unveiled a 2014 budget that includes an overall spending increase of nearly 7% - a significant portion of which would fund state infrastructure and transportation renovations - as well as a higher income tax and a lower sales tax.

While House Republicans quickly criticized Patrick's tax and budget plans on Thursday, it remains to be seen how firm the Governor's support will turn out to be among fellow Democrats.

State Rep. Paul Brodeur, a Democrat who represents Wakefield with Republican Donald Wong, told Wakefield Patch on Thursday that the governor had outlined a very ambitious plan in his state of the state address. Brodeur also said that he likes the governor's progressive approach, but was equally concerned by the "huge number" the governor is hoping to raise in revenues.

"The biggest part of our job is to decide if we can afford what the governor is asking for," said Brodeur, adding that the proposed revenue increases would be "a big chunk out of people's pocketbooks."

Overall said Brodeur, he will have to see what kind of impact the governor's plan would have on the middle class before he can fully support it.

Brodeur also raised a point about the Patrick plan that partisans from both parties on Beacon Hill can potentially appreciate - The Governor has not only laid out an ambitious agenda, but unlike lawmakers in Washington D.C., he's also "said exactly how he wants to pay for it."


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