What's Your New Year's Resolution, Wakefield?

With the start of a new year, Wakefield Patch wants to find out what our readers will be resolving to do in 2012.

Are you going to be making a New Year's Resolution this year?

Maybe you share a typical goal of swearing that this year, you'll eat healthy and get to the gym more often. Maybe this is the year you'll take on a big challenge, like quitting smoking, or taking up a new hobby. Or, maybe, your resolutions are more relaxed, such as finally finishing that novel you've been working on or spending more time with friends and loved ones.

Regardless of what your goal is, they say writing it down in a public place will hold you more accountable and help you accomplish your goal. If you have any other good tips on how to make 2012 resolutions really stick, please share it with the community.

So what is your New Year's resolution, and how do you plan on keeping it throughout 2012?

Post in our comments section below.


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