What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation?

Labor Day is upon us and for better or for worse, fall won't be far behind. Did you go anywhere interesting this summer? Tell us in the comments box below!

Several times this year, I spoke with locals who were planning some pretty interesting trips to other parts of the country and the world this summer. Now that we've pretty much come to another Labor Day weekend, a lot of talk about the summer of 2012 will be increasingly in the past tense.

As this summer winds down, I'm actually visiting Alaska and will probably find a way to work a photo or two from that journey onto this website. The photo that accompanies this piece is from another great road trip up the Maine coast a couple of years ago. For years, I've always tried to work in one great summertime adventure even if sometimes it can only be a little road trip Down East or something.

So, it's the Friday before Labor Day - and if you're at the office, you know you don't feel like working anyhow. Do you have any cool memories or things you did this summer? Feel free to comment in the box below!


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