WAAV Launches Domestic Violence Survey

Wakefield Alliance Against Violence has anonymous online survey about experiences with domestic violence.

October is designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  In conjunction with that effort, Wakefield Alliance Against Violence (WAAV) is undertaking a survey of experiences people have had with domestic violence.  WAAV hopes that this survey will help to clarify the scope of the issue of domestic violence in this and surrounding communities. 

The survey seeks to get a reading of the number of people who have been victims, or perpetrators, of domestic violence directly.  In addition the survey seeks to identify the rate at which bystanders respond to observed instances of domestic violence, either by calling the police or by intervening in some other manner.

For the purposes of this survey, domestic violence should be understood as behavior between people in a relationship such as a spouse or a current or former dating partner.  Domestic violence would include all physical assaults, but would also include behavior that was intended to control the other person by name calling, belittling, threats and intimidation.  Please visit the WAAV website for a more comprehensive listing of the range of behaviors that constitute domestic violence.

To take this brief, anonymous survey please go to the WAAV website at www.waavonline.org and click on the link to the survey.  Results of this survey will be publicized as they become available.


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