Tai Chi Resumes Soon At Wakefield Senior Center

Tai Chi for Health resumes on Sept. 24 at 11:45 a.m.

Tai Chi for Health resumes Monday, September 24th at 11:45.    Easy to learn program of simple, safe exercise.   Documented to reduce pain, improve well being, flexibility, balance and strength?     Participants say it makes them feel better.  Can be seated   email: couminole@ aol.com for info.  6 weeks only $15 thanks for generous support from the COA.   This  class involves very slow and gentle movements.   Participants proceed at their own pace, standing or sitting as is right for them.  

Tai Chi for Health programs are accessible for just about anyone, they are easy-to-learn; safe and effective for health. Dr Paul Lam and a team of tai chi and medical experts have created these programs by combining traditional tai chi, up-to-date medical knowledge and teaching methods.The programs aim to empower people to improve health and wellness. They are shown by studies to be safe and effective. 

Tai chi for health programs are a gentle exercise proven to strengthen muscles, improve stamina, blood circulation, balance, relaxation and over-all feelings of well being.   Come and see what it'll do to you.  Susan DeColaines, Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis, Diabetes, 24 Forms instructor will return to lead the class.     Contact Susan @ Couminole@aol.com  for more information or visit Dr. Lam's website    http://www.taichiforhealthinstitute.org    


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