Photos: Open House at the Hartshorne House

A holiday-themed photo visit to one of the most historic homes in Wakefield.

Jay Landers as Wakefield's Colonel James Hartshorne.
Jay Landers as Wakefield's Colonel James Hartshorne.
On Sunday afternoon, the Hartshorne House had its annual Holiday Open House, welcoming a large number of local residents to tour Wakefield's oldest home in a festive setting. 

The original part of the house was built in 1681 while adjoining rooms were added over the years. An ice house operation on the property was destroyed by fire in 1929, the same year the town of Wakefield acquired the property, according to Nancy Bertrand's "The Colonel James Hartshorne House: An Anniversary History." 

These photos also offer a look at the various features of the inside of the house, which many Wakefielders have visited at one point or another over the years. 

To learn more about the Hartshorne House and the group that maintains it, the Colonel James Hartshorne House Association, visit their website here


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