Winter Weather Advisory In Effect Until 3 p.m.

Region ended up with somewhat more than the 1-2 inches initially forecast. Fog and clouds expected tonight.

The Boston region stands to get more than the 1 to 2 inches of snow that many meterologists were expecting earlier in the week.

A check with the National Weather Service finds that up to 4 inches of snow may fall in the Boston area on Wednesday.

Still, the snow is expected to wind down later and at this point does not appear to be as much of a factor in the evening commute as it was this morning. Earlier in the morning, Massachusetts State Police urged drivers to slow down, citing the morning's high number accidents.

The National Weather Service has a winter weather advisory in effect for the region until 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Whatever the final snow accumulation turns out to be, it's not likely to stay around for long. Thursday's forecast calls for clear skies with a high near 40.


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