Whiz Kids: Noah and Luke Greif, Summer Milsky, Turn Lemonade Into $500 For Charity

Meet three Wakefield children, ages four to eight, who worked on a "Lemon-Aid" stand to raise money for the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry.

A lesson about running a mini-business turned philanthropic earlier this month, when Summer Milsky, 6, and Noah Greif, 8, students at the , and Luke Greif, 4, of Wakefield built and operated a lemonade and raised a total of $500, which they then donated to the .

The lemonade stand was part of National Lemonade Day, a national event which teaches children about entepreneurship and business. The Greif and Milsky families decided to take the lesson one step further and donate the profits, naming it the Lemon-Aid Day.

"Before we did the lemonade stand, we had meetings and talked about the pricing and how to build the stand - they got to pick out the colors," said Adam Milsky, Summer's father. "It was about teaching them about running the busines, getting the money from a fiancer, and then paying them back - although in the end we ended up not paying ourselves back, we just donated all the materials."

The children set up shop on the town common by on May 1st from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., and sold cups of lemonade for $1.

Summer and Noah said the best part was selling thirsty customers.

"I liked when we had customers and we got to serve lemonade," said Summer Milsky.

Noah Greif said he was grateful for the support of his friends and family who stopped by the stand.

"A lot of my friends came – they were very supportive of us," he said. "One time a guy didn’t even want to buy lemonade he just gave me a handful of money."

"We were kind of hot, but it was really fun," said Summer.

On May 14, the three children and their families presented the money they had raised to the food pantry. But the Noah, Summer and Luke didn't just present the check and walk away - while they were there, the kids pitched in to help sort food during .


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