Whiz Kid: Ian Schermerhorn, Recycling Fundraiser Extraordinaire

Ian Schermerhorn, a 3rd grader at the Woodville Elementary School, collected almost 2,000 recyclable magazines for his school's fundraiser.

A third grader went above and beyond the call of duty last month in his school's recycling fundraiser.

Ian Schermerhorn, 8, scoured his own attic and went door-to-door in his neighborhood to collect 1,175 recyclable magazines, 63% of his entire school's total.

Each month, the company empties the recycling bin and Woodville School gets a donation based on how heavy the load is.  The money goes to the PTO to support programming for Woodville students.  

"We did this month-long event to test the waters," said Principal Brian Middleton-Cox. "We didn't have a specific goal of number of magazines to be collected, however the main goal was to raise awareness that we have this recycling bin and how important it is for the students and their families to recycle paper."

Middleton-Cox said Ian's efforts show his dedication to both the environment and his school.

"I think it was wonderful for Ian to take the initiative to clean out his attic along with ask his neighbors for their magazines," he said. "When students live our school's core values, the world becomes a better place."

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