Then And Now: The Saugus River Sawmill

Check out this vintage photo of a long-ago sawmill that stood on the Saugus River near the Lynnfield-Wakefield line.

One local history resource found online says that a sawmill was constructed on the Saugus River on the Lynnfied/Wakefield line in 1663. This particular image presumably shows either the original or a descendant of that first structure about a century ago.

Correction: The Saugus River reportedly flows from Lake Quannapowitt through Reedy Meadow and onward to the Saugus Iron Works and General Edwards Bridge to the ocean.

In Lynnfield, you can get a look at the Saugus River not far from Exit 41 of Route 128 and Northrup Associates Realtors.

I'm not completely sure where this sawmill stood, but I'm told that it stood over near a swampy parcel of land off of Main Street and Route 128 in Lynnfield. An email received later Monday however cites an old sawmill dam closer to the Sheraton property.

I just happened to have some photos of this area that were originally meant as an outdoor photo gallery, having found an old trail in there at some point in my research. No traces remained of a sawmill in this area, although mobility was limited by water and marsh within a fairly short walk on nearly all sides.

Alan January 14, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Excellent photos I would like to find that location.
William Laforme (Editor) January 14, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Most of those photos were taken from a trail that just goes into the woods from the side of the road on Partridge Lane on Lynnfield, near 128. I advise not going in during the summer because of the bugs. Then if you park at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Lynnfield you can access the rail bed which will bring you toward that area but still apart from it. Otherwise I might stop at the Sheraton again soon and take a look at what I was told was an old dam from the sawmill around there.


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