Then and Now: A Long-Ago Run Down Route 1

From time to time, Wakefield Patch runs a vintage photo and talks about its connection to the present day. Check out this press photo of Bob Dolbeare from 1964.

Does that guy on the right look familiar to anyone out there? Chances are you might know his name if you're a Wakefield resident.

This is one of numerous press photos from years back that come up for sale on eBay.com from time to time.

Back in 1964, neighboring Lynnfield was celebrating its 150th anniversary - and one way it marked the occasion was apparently to have some town residents - including Dick Weeks and Bob Dolbeare - run a copy of the Governor's proclamation marking the occasion from the State House in Boston down Route 1 to the Lynnfield Town Common. The whole thing reportedly took about 90 minutes and apparently took place on June 13th, 1964. 

On the right, Mr. Weeks actually showed up some five decades later on Lynnfield Patch with other local veterans and students from the Memorial Day 2011 Parade.

For his part, that guy on the left is Mr. Bob Dolbeare, who went on to become publisher of the Wakefield Daily Item, Wakefield Chamber of Commerce president, a member of the Wakefield High School Hall of Fame, and a U.S. Air Force/Korean War veteran, among numerous other distinctions.

Merry Eldridge March 25, 2013 at 02:06 PM
I think you have it backwards. Should be Bob on left and Dick on right.


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