Talkin' Trash: Wakefield's Week on Social Media

Uniting the Wakefield online community, one Facebook or Twitter page at a time.

Welcome to Social Media Saturday, your guide to what you may have missed in the social media world, and our recommendations to help guide you through cyberspace.

Want to get featured in this column? It's simple - just comment/interact with Wakefield Patch on Twitter and Facebook. I'll pick the best moments each week.

Favorite Facebook Moment of the Week:
Was the responses to this one I posted, about being back on the job after vacation.

"Hello Wakefield!! It's your editor, Sara Jacobi. I'm back on the job after a wonderful vacation in Paris, France. So basically, your window of opportunity talk trash about me on Facebook is over :)"

Facebook fans Rada Frolichstein and Tasha Schlake Festel jumped right on it.

"I wish I knew you were gone! I was just going to start trashing," said Rada.

"@Rada, I'm with you. I thought I had more time! Damn it! All those weeks squandered!" said Tasha.

At least Margie Wells Doto, Sheila Batchelder, and Laurie Hunt welcomed me back, along with seven others who "liked" the status. And Rada and Alison Simcox confirmed that Paris is a wonderful city. If you're still not convinced, you can check out some photos of my trip.

In other Facebook happenings:

  • In response to an article about the new principal hired for the Woodville School, Marie McNamee, Facebook fan Elizabeth Egan Clancy said: "Just showed my son Ronan his new principal, thanks for the info :)" and "Good to know that there is a new Principal in plenty of time, before the new school term starts :)"
  • We posted about a missing gray cat, last seen in the Greenwood area, who responds to the name Blue. We were cautioned on both Facebook and Twitter that many fall victim to coyotes - fingers crossed that kitty is found safe and sound!

Favorite Twitter Moment of the Week:
In response to my tweet about how people were dealing with the heat, @Silly1502 said things were going okay... so far.

"@WakefieldPatch taking it good, staying home under the central air..feel a little trapped tho.."

Made me immediately think of Jack from the Shining, feeling trapped up in that hotel...let's hope @Silly1502 fares a bit better!

In other Twitter happenings:

  • @ActionPage1 said he would stay on the lookout for the missing cat
  • @Silly1501 apparently surived another day to tweet this in response to my tweet about record-breaking temps and a heat index of 105 today: "we are bostonians, so we can take it, i worry about the elderly and the lill ones..but on the bright sidwinter is on its way, my fav time of year."

Must “Like” Facebook Page of the Week:
The Wakefield WWII Memorial and Veterans Walk of Remembrance Facebook page posts a ton of photos, information on events and donations and more! With only 13 followers when this article was published, let's show this worthy Facebook page some Wakefield love, shall we?

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