Social Media Saturday: Five Wakefield Facebook Pages to Follow

The Internet can be a scary place. Let Wakefield Patch guide you to the best Facebook and Twitter Pages to follow.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? So are a lot of restaurants, non-profits, and even government entities. You can now not only connect in real life, but also connect in the online world, too. Each week, we'll feature five Facebook or Twitter Pages to which you can connect with just a few clicks of the mouse.

This week in Social Media, Wakefield Patch takes a look at some of the yummiest Facebook pages in Wakefield - that's right, restaurants!

Cafe La Diva -If you're looking for , you're in the right place. , a coffee and pastry shop on Albion Street in Wakefield, uses its Facebook page to post tantalizing images of the store's latest goodies, like Bruins-shaped half-moons. It also publicizes specials and events going on at the store.

CnD's Barbeque Grille - Unsure about what to order for dinner tonight? Just take one look at the 's Facebook page and you'll see it's chock full of happy customers who took the time to log on and write how much they loved their meal. Although the page hasn't been updated in several months, we're hoping they'll get back to posting photos of fried chicken... mmm.

Dockside Restaurant at Wakefield - Even though there is more than one Dockside Restaurant (there's another version in Malden), the Wakefield location gets its own Facebook page, and with good reason! Follow this page to get the heads up on how to get free gift certificates to the restaurant, and what events the restaurant and bar is hosting.

ZuZu's Cafe & Catering - In the real world, is a newbie of a restaurant in Wakefield, in its Main Street location. But in social media land, ZuZu's already a pro, with close to 100 fans. Just by reading the shop's detailed Facebook statuses, you can tell that Ghouta strives for perfection.

Cafe Jag's - There's never a dull moment on the Facebook page, whether it's a posting about an event taking place at the restaurant that night, or a customer interacting with the owners, there's a lot of good engagement. Follow this page if you want to be in the know about live music or other happenings.

Favorite Facebook Pun of the Week: Goes to Wakefield Patch Facebook Fan Vanessa Howland, who, in response to this photo of Bruins cupcakes at Tootsie's Coffee Corner, said "Sweet! (no pun intended)." It's okay Vanessa, we know it was at least half-intended, and we giggled.

Favorite Twitter Moment of the Week: Goes to @TimRobb, who, after posting this photo of the long line for Bruins hats at Lids, taunted @MelrosePatch editor Dann DeMaina about buying a pink hat. Heehee.


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