Smell Ya Later, Smelrose: Wakefield's Week in Social Media

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Welcome to Social Media Saturday, your guide to what you may have missed in the social media world, and our recommendations to help guide you through cyberspace.

Want to get featured in this column? It's simple - just comment/interact with Wakefield Patch on Twitter and Facebook. I'll pick the best moments each week.

Favorite Facebook Moment of the Week:
Was when I decided to stir things up between Wakefield and Melrose. Noticting that Wakefield Patch had 700 fans and Melrose Patch only had 692, I posted on Melrose Patch's Facebook wall to inform the Melrose editor. Before I knew it, we had staged an all-out social media battle on both Facebook and Twitter, with both communities joining in.

  • "So Melrose Patch is talking some trash over on his Facebook page," I wrote. "Saying Melrose is outpacing Wakefield in fans. Whatever. Wanna do me a favor and suggest this page to a friend who would like getting free news and info about what's going on in town?"
  • Melrose Patch - YOU TOTALLY STARTED IT!
  • Ted Morang Sr. said "Smelrose has more fans? hmmmm.....they are a city, does that count?"
  • As the fight continued, Nancy Bourque Kanouff said: "LOL!!!! So, for us newbies, how exactly do we suggest this page via facebook? Or do I have to get out the phone book and call people myself and just say " hey, I suggest Wakefield Patch" Inquiring minds wanna know?????"

As the fight continued, the Melrose Public Library decided to get involved.

  • Melrose Public Library: "What about "liking" Melrose Public Library!!! We must beat Wakefield library!! =)"

So of course, I let the Beebe Library know about this challenge.

  • Hey Beebe Library, Melrose Public Library thinks it can get more Facebook fans than you. Sounds like a challenge to me!

We'll see how it all plays out. At the time this article was written, it was:

  • Wakefield Patch, 709 fans, Melrose Patch 701 fans
  • Lucius Beebe Library 547 fans, Melrose Library 353.

In other Facebook happenings:

  • In response to a report of a suspiscious man in town wearing a ten gallon hat, Brian Covert Cavanaugh said: "Well there goes my halloween outfit this year."
  • We also used Wakefield Patch's facebook page to track power outages, gaining about 30 comments from Wakefield residents about the status of the power in various places across town. Very useful!

Favorite Twitter Moment of the Week:
Was related to the Wakefield/Melrose Social Media Throwdown. In response to @MelrosePatch saying: "See the smack that @WakefieldPatch talks on our Facebook page? YEESH."

Damn straight. Can I say that on here?

In other Twitter happenings:

  • @t_bankert tweeted a photo during the hurricane: I live one street over. Here's a pic. It looks there's a down line across the road. yfrog.com/kgdslttj
  • @mike83reed also tweeted a photo: we lost a weeping willow down around the lake by converse twitpic.com/6cp3to
  • @Davegobble, the ever-interesting, replied this to my tweet when I said I was venturing out in the weather to get some photos: "Be afriad, be very afraid. Its a jungle out there."

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Daniel DeMaina (Editor) September 03, 2011 at 08:07 PM
Still leaving out our Twitter followers. IT'S ON!


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