Nicholas Parrella, Principal of Greenwood School for a Day

Raising the second-highest amount for his school's fundraiser earned first grader Nicholas to become Principal Parrella for a day.

Each week, Wakefield Patch will select a Whiz Kid of the Week.

 This week, we chose Nicholas Parrella, a student who won the rights to serve as principal of his school for the day of March 2.

 Wakefield Patch's Whiz Kid of the Week for Feb. 16:

  • Name: Nicholas Parrella
  • Age: 6
  • School: 1st grade, Greenwood Elementary

 Why he's a Whiz Kid:

Just call him Principal Parrella. As the second-highest fundraiser in the Greenwood School's Fundraiser, Nicholas earned the rights to take charge of his school for the week.

He started off his day by reading a story to his former kindergarten teacher's class. Later on in the day, he planned to read to the other kindergarten classes too. And in the afternoon, he and principal-every-0ther-day-of-the year Dr. Deborah Collura had plans to meet with Superintendent Joan Landers.

"It's been fun," Parrella said about his prinipal experience, adding that he might want to grow up to be a principal.

After a couple hours, he already had suggestions for Principal Collura.

"We should stay out at recess for three bells on Fridays, not come in after two," he said.


 Do you know a Whiz Kid?

Wakefield Patch is currently seeking Wakefield kids who have done something cool, amazing, kind, remarkable – anything that made you say "Wow!"

It could be in the classroom, on the athletic field or helped out a good cause. They could be the next Wakefield Patch Whiz Kid.

Each week, Wakefield Patch will highlight one child or group in the Whiz Kids feature. We need your help to find these accomplished individuals. Tell us about these amazing children and teens and select one each week as the Patch Whiz Kid.

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