Girl Scout Troop Saving Energy To Help Save The Planet - And The Geckos

Girl Scout Troop 77322, a 4th grade group of 9 and 10 year olds, have been selected as Whiz Kids of the Week for their energy-saving campaign at Greenwood Elementary School.

Each week, Wakefield Patch will select a Whiz Kid of the Week.

 This week, we chose Girl Scout Troop 77322, a troop of 9 and 10 year olds, for their energy-saving campaign at the Greenwood School.

 Why they are Whiz Kids:

Girl Scout Troop 77322 members Amanda Lee, Emily Berinato, Jenny Summers, Harini Mohan, Rachel King, Rachel Janellis, Madison Woods, Madison Power, Lydia Rascher, Anna Clark and Eadeen Beck have been making it their mission all month to inspire their classmates to find small ways to save energy every day that will collectively make a difference.

The girls are working towards their pilot patch on saving energy. They've partnered with a nationwide company to earn points for specific energy-saving behaviors. If they reach 500 points, the company will donate $25 to protect the rainforest enviornment for geckos.

To raise points, the girls have come up with different ways to save energy. Turning off the lights is worth one point, turning off the water is worth two points, using alternative means of transportation such as walking or carpooling is worth three pooints, and talking to classmates is worth five points.

In addition to finding ways to save energy themselves, the troop made signs that they hung all over Greenwood to help raise awareness to their classmates for energy-saving methods, and they will be presenting to the entire school on April 1st.

"They are the ones designing the programs to talk about, and they did all the posters themselves," said troop leader Diane Lee.

"It means a lot to us because we can help the world be a cleaner place," said Emily Berinato, 9.

"It’s like keeping the world like it’s supposed to be," said Amanda Lee, 9.

Do you know a Whiz Kid?

Wakefield Patch is currently seeking Wakefield kids who have done something cool, amazing, kind, remarkable – anything that made you say "Wow!"

It could be in the classroom, on the athletic field or helped out a good cause. They could be the next Wakefield Patch Whiz Kid.

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Diane Lee March 25, 2011 at 05:47 PM
I'm so lucky to be the leader of such a wonderful group of girls. They have taken this pilot program and went running with it. They have also came up with energy tips to put in the Schools weekly newsletter. The girls have earned enough energy saving points to raise about $100 to save Geckos and their habitats. These girls are true Whiz Kids not only for their energy saving efforts, but they do alot for the community this year they have done the following: They make visits to the Dutton Center, Christmas caroling at the Greenwood Nursing Home, Decorated Boxes at Christmas time for the food pantry, made valentine day cards for the Troops and durning this April Vacation they are going to volunteer at Craddle to Crayons warehouse for a couple hours.


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