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Welcome to Social Media Saturday, your guide to what you may have missed in the social media world, and our recommendations to help guide you through cyberspace.

Want to get featured in this column? It's simple - just comment/interact with Wakefield Patch on Twitter and Facebook. I'll pick the best moments each week.

Favorite Facebook Moment of the Week:
Was the lively discussion on Tuesday afternoon about where people were at the time of the earthquake, and whether they felt it or not.

  • Andrew McRae - "Yep, definitely on Paddy Heights"
  • Collette Catanzaro Sarmento - I felt it in Woburn on the 7th floor of a building!"
  • Marie Larsen - "Stuff is on the floor here in reading"
  • Melody Zerfoss Horgan Gaeta - "How did I not feel a thing sitting on my couch in Wakefield??? Perhaps because our house sits up really high?

I was working from Malden at 1:51 p.m. on August 23, the time of the shaking and didn't feel a thing. I'm even a few miles closer to DC than Wakefield...weird!

In other Facebook happenings:

  • In response to an article on on how to best prepare for a hurricane, I mentioned that sticking your head in the sand and pretending it won't hit us wasn't a listed strategy. Tasha Schlake Festel said, "You're right... the sand would just blow away. I plan on sticking my head into a pitcher of margaritas! ;)" Even though that's not an MEMA-approved strategy, seems like a good one to me...
  • Most "liked" story of the week - was an update on the . It's finally under way!

Favorite Twitter Moment of the Week:
Although not tweeted directly to Wakefield Patch, @dantatlau tweeted this right after this week's earthquake:

"Some serious #earthquake damage here in #Wakefield, MA http://t.co/dJjf7lB."

If you're not on Twitter, you may not be able to see it, but it's an empty yogurt cup that had tipped over, Similar to this photo of a tipped-over lawn chair that went viral on Tuesday. Clever.

In other Twitter happenings:

  • @lmstone19 tweeted at @MelrosePatch, but it was passed along to me: "My son felt the quake at Dunks in Wakefield square. Said customers were 'freaking out.'"

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