Warren's Native American Heritage Disputed by Brown

Voters need to think deeper and consider what is best for the constituents that Brown supposedly represents.

 Why has this become such a problem for Warren? Brown seems to be grasping at straws to retain his seat in the Senate. Look at the slightly more than two pages of Warren's bio at this site and, when taken as a whole, compared to all the amazing good she has done over the years, that is equally documented here. Brown must be really desperate to focus on this unfortunately misconstrued remark, taken out of context.  

From http://www.biography.com/people/elizabeth-warren-20670753?page=2 : Warren's campaign ran into some trouble in early 2012. She found herself in a media maelstrom over her Native American ancestry claims. Reporters for the Boston Herald could not find any proof of her Cherokee heritage, and a Cherokee genealogist also challenged Warren's assertion. To try to quell the controversy, Warren released a statement to Boston's WBZ-TV. "Growing up, my mother and grandparents often talked about our family's Native American heritage. As a kid, I never thought to ask them for documentation—what kid would?" Warren further explained that "I never sought nor gained personal benefit in school or job applications based on my heritage."

I, too, believe I have some heritage in Native American roots. I was told by my mother and father that on my father's side, five generations before him, was a Black Foot Indian chief whose daughter (princess) married into my father's lineage. My mother said that there was proof of this and since she had done research of her family through a local Antiquarian Society that supposedly proved we were related to Daniel Boone, I never thought to question her or do my own research.

Is this to say that if I were to make a remark now, for whatever reasons of conversation or discussion, that I could now be vilified and humiliated for the audacity of claiming heritage where others felt it to be an unsubstantiated claim? I, too, never used it in any job or school environment for "personal gain." I always claimed I was Caucasian on applications requesting that information, as Elizabeth Warren did, as well.  However, based on what has happened to Warren, I have no right to even think I may have a Native American ethnic connection.

It is a terrible travesty and gross injustice to the intelligence of the voting public to take a remark out of context and run with it for the sole purpose of distraction from the real issues that deeply affect and effect the voting public. Elizabeth Warren and I were and are proud of our "supposed" Native American heritage, and whether or not it is provable, is not the point. "If" we are, what is wrong with that and "if" we are not, what is wrong with that?  It is what we were told, believed and honored. We never used it to our advantage by indicating we were Native American on any form, application or interview for personal "benefit." So, the point is?

It is a moot point and not worthy of perpetuation, except to distract the voters from the real issues we face in this state and our country. To go so far as to create a campaign advertisement, approved by Scott Brown, that features various voters' opinions on Warren's "lies and deceptions" regarding her heritage, is disgraceful at the least and discriminatory at the worst. Blowing this information out of proportion by the Brown camp and continuing to harp on it begins to reek of discrimination against Native Americans, for which I would think Brown would best back away from before it blows up in his face!

Voters need to think deeper and consider what is best for the constituents that Brown supposedly represents.  We need a full-time representative of this state to the union, not a part-time, "I'll vote how I feel is best, not how you want me to" attitude. How arrogant is that?

Stand tall, Elizabeth, methinks Scott is running scared if he would stoop this low to ridicule your honest belief and PRIDE in your connection to the original American nation.  You assuredly have MY vote!

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