Coca-Cola Holiday Packaging Nixed - IMHO, Really?

Coca-Cola is receiving news coverage due to their holiday packaging to promote saving polar bears, a trademark of the company. Looking at the whole picture, it appears to be an unnecessary complaint.

Coca-Cola has to change its holiday cans because a few people think the color changes the taste and others find it difficult to pick out from Diet Coke because the white color looks too much like silver? Really? Are we THAT illiterate, lazy and/or taste unconscious that with a little creative thinking couldn't see a differently labeled can for what it is: A charitable contribution to save the polar bears, which C-C uses for a trademark?

Every Christmas (and other holidays), many companies market a different bottle (wine, beer), box or wrapping (candy, turkeys, ham, perfume, jewelry, toys, sports/gym equipment, lingerie, etc., etc.). It's holiday packaging! What is the big deal? Look! Read! WHAT is the big deal?

Companies should provide signage to establishments, as they do for the above other products, so they could post a sign advertising the holiday change and purpose. However, being forced to remove the cans and bring back the red color ones is ridiculous. Are we that stuck in our ways that just because a product looks different we can't "find" it? Are we that addicted to "brown bubbly" that we cannot see the can for the polar bears (parody on "forest for the trees," if you didn't get it)? I just can't believe this is such a problem it has become news. C-C now knows the level of intelligence of its customers. No wonder they market to 11 year-olds! That may be a stretch!

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Laurie Hunt December 04, 2011 at 01:20 AM
Yes !!! I am that stuck in my ways !!! I opened up the office fridge, more than once, this past week and thought there was only diet when; in fact, there was regular coke. I was so confused by the cans this year !!! Truly, once I saw all the media hype and reliazed it was regular coke I was fine. I could not taste a differnce, however, I was annoyed by the new can design...
HDS December 06, 2011 at 05:37 PM
The whole discussion makes me smile, but not for the reasons you’d think. As I am color perception impaired (AKA color blind like about 12,000,000 other Americans) I am confounded by Coke’s color choices almost every day. I’ve choked down cherry coke on more occasions than I can count because I can’t read the label. Welcome to my world Coke Drinkers!


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