Devil Dog Deathwatch: Classic Snacks Largely Gone From Wakefield

A check of various Wakefield merchants confirms that Twinkies, Devil Dogs and other classic treats have left the building.

On Friday, Hostess announced it was shutting down - leaving some 18,500 workers without jobs and likely meaning the end of some very famous snack cake products. Just four days later, a check of various Wakefield merchants finds that the vast majority of Hostess products in town are already gone - and there's no more on the horizon.

If you're craving a final snack cake fix, your best bet at this point is probably the Shaw's on Water Street. A visit to that supermarket Monday around noon found that there was actually a fair number of Yodels of all things - and even better, they were all on sale for 4/$10. That's because all jokes aside about Twinkies surviving a nuclear war, these things really only have a shelf life of several weeks. Other than the Yodels however, that was it. Cupcakes, Twinkies, Devil Dogs? Way too late. It's Little Debbie or the highway.

A few blocks down the road, the Farmland store in downtown Wakefield had a handful of Hostess products left - mostly coffee cakes however (see photo). While there, I picked up a piece of their ricotta pie. Let's see them box that somewhere in cellophane wrappers.

Speaking of the Hostess coffee cakes - They're actually really, really good. But they're still the last thing to go, in store after store. And this wasn't just in Wakefield. A check of nearby stores for a Lynnfield Patch article found largely the same trend - that coffee cakes, mini donuts (and/or muffins), and fruit pies were among the items more likely to be still on store shelves.

Across the street from Farmland, CVS had a few bags of those little frosted Donettes left for Hostess snacks - and then a fair amount of Wonder bread. This led to one final check in the Greenwood section of town where Greenwood Food Mart also had Wonder bread but was otherwise cleared out of Hostess products, as was the Main Street Variety across the street.

Wonder Bread still seemed pretty readily available in Wakefield in general. Last time I ate a sandwich with that stuff, "The Dukes Of Hazzard" were probably still on in prime time. But I do remember a time when it made a formidable bologna, cheese and yellow mustard sandwich.

Eventually, a fair number of these products are expected to make their way back to stores -  but it could take years. Media speculation is active about which companies may buy Hostess assets, and on Tuesday, management and labor were reportedly heading back to some form of talks. So, despite this rush on the snack cake sections across America, there's a good chance that someday, we'll see these products back on the shelves again - even the coffee cake and Wonder bread.


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