Wakefield-Based Rock Band is on the Rise

Silhouette Rising, a band of up-and-coming musicians, released their latest CD and filmed a music video for their latest single in Wakefield.

Making it big in the music industry isn't exactly an easy task, but the members of Silhouette Rising, an alternative rock band that started in Wakefield, are up for the challenge: They've decided that whatever it takes, they're committed to making music for a living.

Brothers James and Rob DiNanno, Jim LeSuer, and former American Idol contestant Jesse McCullagh joined forces a year and a half ago to make a record. Although the band originally formed seven years ago, James DiNanno is the only remaining member from that original group.

"It started off with all Wakefield members, but when it became a big commitment that’s when we mututally switched some members," DiNanno said. "Now, we’re all on the same boat in trying to make a career out of Silhoutte Rising - looking at it in every way possible that we can."

The Music
After the switch in members, the band got to work writing and recording their new album, Ode to Vandalism, which features James DiNanno on the drums, Rob DiNanno on the piano, LeSuer on percussion, vocals and guitar, McCullagh on lead vocals and guitar.

With influences ranging from rock bands like Incubus, to more pop/indie bands like The Fray, Silhouette Rising crafts their own unique sound, with some songs sounding like indie singer-songwriter acoustic pieces and others sounding like pop/rock singles. McCullagh's lead vocals are strong and consistent with a nice tone, even when he's spitting out rap versus like on 1971. The band's latest single, Sex in the City, features a music video the band filmed in Wakefield.

Next Steps
Although the full CD won't be released until 2013, the band is releasing a new single and corresponding music video each month until then.

The band's first full-length CD, Promises, got some radio airtime on 92.5 The River, and the band met with some record label representatives. If the music released from Ode to Vandalism is any indication, Silhouette Rising is in the perfect position to be picked up by a mainstream audience.

"Well, right now U2 and Green Day are fighting over getting us for a tour," joked DiNanno. "But the next thing for us is working with a lot of college radio stations and trying to do a college tour soon."

DiNanno also alluded to conversations with label representatives and promoters to help the band reach the next level.

Silhouette Rising's next upcoming show is on March 16 at the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel in Boston before the band jets off to perform in England in May.

"The goal is to take it as far as we can," DiNanno said. "We're psyched." 

You can listen to Silhouette Rising on the band's website, http://silhouetterising.com,

Alternative Rock March 14, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Great band! I like the Incubus influences. You can tell they had a huge impact on the band. www.alternativerockbands.net
Sara Jacobi March 14, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Who else has given the band a listen and what do you think? And anyone recognize scenes from Wakefield in the music video?


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