Young Swampscott Activist Rallies For Syrian Children

Swampscott Middle School student Cenna Khatib joined the Global Walk for the Children of Syria on Saturday in Boston. She gave a speech at the rally before the walk.


Swampscott Middle School student Cenna Khatib, 13, joined the Global Walk for the Children of Syria on Saturday in Boston. She gave a speech at the rally before the walk.

Here is a copy of Cenna's speech:

Hello my name is Cenna Khatib; I am 13 years old and 2nd generation Syrian American. I was fortunate enough visit Syria to reminisce with my family there. Since all of the violence started I haven’t been able to see them and I’m always worrying about them. 

Every time I hear stuff about Syria on the news, I pray that things will get better for my family and everyone else there. And every time I see something on the news about the children there that are living in fear everyday and being killed, I think about how unfair it is.

I think of all of my cousins and the kids I played with in the play grounds and the ball pits and the restaurants. And I think of how they can no longer enjoy those places because of Assad. I think of all the kids my age that don’t have the privilege to go to school because of Assad. I was able to visit all kinds of beautiful and historical sites, many of which have been destroyed or damaged because of the Assad Regime. I think of the Omayyad mosque and the Bazaar in Aleppo and many other places that I got to visit that have been ruined by Assad.

My definition of childhood is having fun, enjoying life and not having to worry about anything especially being killed. Nobody should have to worry about that. It should be the same in every country; kids should be kids no matter where they live. Because of dictators like Assad, kids do worry about that and they’re dying and suffering. It’s been that way from the beginning of the revolution.  Almost 2 years ago,when the kids of Dura were tortured for their graffiti. And now because of Assad’s disregard of human life, everyone, especially children are getting killed, tortured or are suffering.

Recently I went to a fundraiser and I saw a video of a little boy, suffering in the hospital. Even when he was weak his faith was strong. We have to remain strong and unite together to help all the brave innocent victims like him suffering from Assad’s wrong doing. We have to stay strong for the innocent brave children who just want to be FREE.




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