What Is Your Favorite Sledding Spot?

We got some ideas from locals on where to go sledding. Additional ones are welcome.

Patch.com stock photo
Patch.com stock photo

With cold weather in the forecast for much of the weekend, we’ve potentially got some time before the snow starts melting – and that means that many locals will be out sledding with the kids this weekend.

With that in mind, we recently asked on the Wakefield Patch Facebook Page and the Lynnfield Patch Facebook page for some favorite local sledding spots – especially now that the once-empty land that is now MarketStreet Lynnfield is no longer there.

On the Lynnfield page, one woman suggested that sledders can hit the Golf Course near the Lynn Woods. A second golf course, the back of Sagamore Spring on Main Street near the Lynnfield/Middleton line, was also suggested.

On the Wakefield page, we got Bear Hill Golf Course over the Stoneham line as a suggestion. The back of Wakefield High School was mentioned, but one man cautions that construction activity makes this a bad idea right now.

With that, do you have a favorite sledding spot to let others know about? Post below in the comments section! 


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