WCAT Announces Digital Photography Workshop

Basic Digital Photography Workshop runs for eight weeks starting Thursday, Feb. 7.

As a part of WCAT’s current effort to revitalize their educational offerings, they have announced the Basic Digital Photography Workshop. The workshop consists of eight weekly sessions beginning Thursday, February 7th from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm and will be taught by local photographer-filmmaker David Watts, Jr. 

“This is a great opportunity for me to put together a workshop that is very close to the way that I first learned still photography so many years ago but with a focus here on digital,” said Watts. “I was at that time introduced to the work and the techniques of Ansel Adams, and I have consciously structured this workshop similarly, although I will be presenting the work of other photographers as well.”

The workshop will be presented in five sections:

  • The Camera
  • The [Digital] Negative
  • Natural Light
  • Artificial Light
  • The Print

Each section will build on those previously covered to give participants a fuller understanding not just of the technical aspects, but to provide an exploration and appreciation of the creativity behind making a photograph. The hope is that participants will bring to the workshop lively discussions along the way. The last of the eight sessions, on Thursday, March 28th, will feature a general presentation and critique of participants’ work.

The workshop is open to anyone with a digital still camera, whether a simple point-and-shoot with a fixed lens all the way up to a more complex digital SLR (DSLR) with interchangeable lenses. WCAT members may attend the workshop for free, as part of their membership; the cost for non-members is $40.00.

For more information on the Basic Digital Photography Workshop or to sign up, call Rachel Julien, Program Coordinator, at 781.224.0300 or David Watts, Jr. at 617.968.4357.


Although authorized by the Wakefield Board of Selectmen, Wakefield Community Access Television is an independent not-for-profit organization funded by revenues from the franchise fees paid by Comcast, RCN and Verizon, who provide cable service to Wakefield. The media center does not receive any tax-based dollars from the Town of Wakefield and returns over $4 million in services and programming to the community each year.


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